California Tumbleweeds and Rolling Hills

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Roadside Companions

There is something so divine about being a passenger along for a road trip! You are freed from the need to concentrate on the destination and the road and so the window is yours to gaze through, searching for or rather, willing something magical to catch your eye. As a young girl I’d look for unicorns or bears or mountain lions, and rarely would I ever spy anything other than vegetation. I was certain the magical beasts were hiding, and I always felt they saw me even though I was not quick enough to spot their hiding places. Livestock, however have no qualms about being seen. I can get quite lucky with spotting cows and sheep and goats and horses who don’t seem to want to hide from my passenger side window eyes. And weeds, especially tumbleweeds, that grow to gigantic size at the base of the rolling hills of Central California, keep me company by keeping pace and racing alongside my car,  letting their features blur into a blended ribbony dance of green energy, shape and form. They draw me in, hypnotizing me until I see that the undulating waves of the tumbleweeds are in perfect harmony with the ancient hills formed long ago by earthquake and volcanos, then shaped by eons of wind and rain. The tumbleweeds invite me in to share some of their majesty by allowing me to roll along with them, and keep them as my roadside companions. Weeds are so accepting!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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One Reply to “California Tumbleweeds and Rolling Hills”

  1. I think driving up the 14 to the 315 to the Sierras is one of my favorite routes. The volcanic beds and jagged mountains slowly fading into the beauty of the Sierras…tons of tumbleweeds along the 315
    and deserted dry salt beds. It is truly the perfect time for escaping thoughts and wild imagination of alien spaceships and Tasmanian devils. (Have not seen neither) But, all the empty space leaves so much room for imagination…Roll on tumbleweed, roll on…
    Thank You Deb…I will come back tomorrow! (-:

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