Petals Gone From This Little House

I saw your face, your kind, attentive eyes that seek the truth, and right away I knew that I could bare my soul and feel safe and accepted in your gaze. I have seen better days, do you think that is true?

In spring I was gloriously delicate and bright. The season’s vitality breathed life into my every curve and I was shiningly bold. I danced to the music of dizzying heights of beauty and luck and opportunity without a care in the world or any concern about coming down to earth. My frilly petalled head was in the clouds and all I did was soar.

But then spring ended, and summer came. I was still beautiful and more full bodied, even stronger than in the spring, and I was getting tougher, and that was beautiful too. Instead of aiming for dizzy heights, I mellowed my pace so that I could dance to more full bodied music, and stay dancing for longer. Summer was very, very good.

Now it is autumn. My husk reveals my shape, my form. I am even stronger than before, but my blossoms have been replaced by woody tendons that are sculptural in their beauty. My lines no longer flow and bend freely, diaphanously, like a delicate flower but they are defined. I have a structure that supports me and I am very sound, and that is good. My bright dancing petals are gone from my little house, but I hold the promise of new ones still.

My beauty is contained within this husk, and after a winter of rest under snow, spring will come again. Because I shall weather the storm I will bloom again. Come visit me, won’t you…in the spring? I will dance again in the clouds when the spring sun shines.

I found this weed and looked into its face while on a hunt for a museum in Prague. The trek took me far, and the museum was sadly closed but I had been able to wander outside the cobblestoned limits of the city and into neighborhoods that nearly felt like suburbs. It was a delightful day! Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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