Paradise Trail

Two young girls, best friends, find themselves on a trail on an extraordinary gray day, with the sky hanging low, encapsulating them in a cloud of drizzle and mischief. On a day like this, one’s imagination is freed to run wild. What fun!

“The sunny sounds are muffled today and so we seem all the more alone, cut off from the world. The blanket of silence that the fog creates increases our excitement and makes us want to whisper! Our morning hike has turned us into characters in a spy movie or a chase, in which our pursuer is invisible, unless he suddenly pops out from around the corner ahead, just when we least expect it. We cannot hear his approach so we’d better be wary. Giggles rise up as we catch a glimpse of each other looking silly, trying hard to scare one another.

But, shush! I hear something! We hold our breath. Like rabbits we duck into the brush at the side of the path. Quick glances at each other – have we really managed to get into a fix, or are we imagining the approaching heavy footfalls?

I want to close my eyes so that I become invisible, but I dare not. If I see my foe approach, perhaps I can run away. I have goose bumps. And then…

from around the bend, a group of high school track team members, clad in brightly colored running shorts, bursts onto the scene. My friend and I turn beet red, for our posture in the weeds at the side of the path suggest that we are scared to death. The teenagers laugh as they past, and after a few brief loud seconds they are gone, taking their red cheeks and huffing down some other part of the trail.

My friend and I laugh and laugh until our sides hurt. Those teenagers would not understand. We are two friends on a journey forging deep into imagination territory. Our only witnesses are the sleepy birds the trees and the weeds.”

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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