Accepting What Comes
Accepting What Comes

I recently crossed paths with a fellow wanderer, a young open hearted hitchhiker. When I first saw him he was at the crest of a hill and he was a dark figure silhouetted against the cloud streaked sky. He’d stuck his arm out, high above his head and waggled his thumb. His legs were spread wide for stability and his hair was long and straggly, with bits of it sticking out, as if it was trying to spring off his head. He was not going to win any beauty contests or attract many girls looking that way, but it seemed not to bother him in the least.

I stopped and spoke with him and I saw very soon that he was a young man who was open to anything. He had a hippie aura about him, peaceful and accepting, and also very eager and innocent. He said he was trying everything and anything. He didn’t want to say “no” to anything that came his way. He seemed not to have much ambition or a clear goal in sight, so I was about to dismiss him. But then I quieted my inner critical voice and I listened to him.

This young one had undertaken a journey cross country unaided by wealth or connections. It seems he had done it by the skin of his teeth, free flowing from one adventure to the next and accepting all the twists and turns that his journey had thrown at him. His wide open face and his high spirits did not hint at the bravery he must possess, but the tales of his travels did.

So I looked closer at him and I saw that not only was this hitchhiker traveling as free as he could, he was also giving away seeds of wisdom and hope to those he met. He gladly shared his enthusiasm for his dreams with me, and in response, my spirits lifted and my own journey ahead seemed more possible. He gave me a gift by sharing the seed of hope with me and my own dreams began to swell and ready themselves for my eventual Spring.

He was accepting of whatever might come his way and he was happy to share that with me. I think he’d been spreading seeds of life and hope his entire journey and with all he’d met along the way.

What a wonderful, weederful journey we have to enjoy! I wonder, “What is coming next?”

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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