I woke up this morning to sunny skies, warm sun, and not a hint of frost in the forecast. But if I look back a few years, I see “Iced Weeds”! Here’s to a new year full of new sights and possibilities.


Heavy Drop Heavy Drop

The silent winter night had brought drizzle and freezing temperatures to the field of weeds. When the weather had worked its magic, frost delicately coated all the winter weeds in unison, creating a winter’s white art piece of delicate lacy designs. The iced weeds woke up wearing their new winter coats and although they were stiff, they looked around at the living art they were a part of and they were content.  Geometric crystals and frozen globules were to be their uniforms. All the weed leaves played along, staying nicely with the group, putting on their best faces and demonstrating solidarity for the benefit of winter art lovers everywhere.

But one winter rye grass stalk had to stand out and be an individual. The frost had not weighted him down o’ver the night with a heavy collection of ice crystals which might have bent him under their weight…

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