Capturing a weed image at the Grand Canyon, USA

Welcome to my blog, WeedImageoftheDay. I hope the photos and stories presented here will inspire a moment of calm, inspiration, hope, or a smile.

I am inspired by things that grow in the ground and blow in the wind. I have been seen talking to trees and I like to play in the dirt, especially when planting something.

I like to look closely at things that at first seem small, insignificant, dried out, or a bit wild. Weeds may not welcome me with swollen blossoms of beauty, but the visual treasures they allow me to find when closely examined are well worth the look. I hope you agree. I hope that these images of the oft-overlooked pests of our gardens and yards may give you some pause for delight and perspective to make your daily journey just a little bit more inspired.

I am currently working on a calendar and notecards for purchase, so please stay tuned for more information and a link to my ETSY Store!

We and our weeds are so much more than what we appear to be.

Unauthorized use, distribution and/or duplication of any of this material without the express written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

17 Replies to “About”

  1. I love the concept of this blog. There’s really nothing intrinsic about a weed that makes it a weed; it’s all situation-dependent. But from a less practical and more aesthetic standpoint, many of them are well worth a closer look, as you say, and some things that are considered weeds are more beautiful to me than other plants that are more highly-prized.

    And they’re nothing if not tough…they tend to thrive in more adverse, inhospitable conditions, which is admirable in its own right.

  2. Thank you Sarah. I agree completely with you…”situation dependent”, “tough”, “admirable”. I’ve always been one to root for the underdog, and weeds to me are the underdogs of gardening aesthetics, but perfectly suited for adaptability.

  3. This is a really nice idea. There are so many, many blogs on so many things. Lots of rich, wonderful noise, really, but also sometimes a bit too much – just like people in general. I like this one. It’s somehow more open and makes space for others. And nice images and great, evocative word snippets.

    Thanks – I’ll follow this one.

    1. I really liked it, Jane.

      On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 2:50 PM, WeedImageoftheDay wrote:

      > ** > weedimageoftheday commented: “Thank you Kavi! I am happy we have found > each other!” >

  4. Oh, how I love your blog. I too love all things small and supposedly insignificant whether they be nature’s gifts or man made…they all have stories and meanings. I will enjoy following you. Thanks for popping over my way.

  5. Hello, Madison (blonde girl from Texas at the SXSW event) here! I have so loved perusing your blog. I enjoy your unique take on the little nuisances (or beauties!!) surrounding us that most take for granted.

    Meeting you and the rest of team robot was the highlight of my time spent at that event. I really adored/ was fascinated by how much love you each poured into your joint creation. It was palpable. I consider myself lucky to have met such lovely joyous people as yourselves!

    Please add me on Facebook, if you’d like, under Madison Simmons. I would love to keep in touch.

    I hope that you’re doing well! Give my love to the others, when you see them 🙂


    1. Hi Madison! It is wonderful to hear from you!!! I will tell the guys hello and am in the process of adding you on Facebook now. Coolio! Thank you so much for checking out my blog – sometimes I am more active than others. Meeting you and chatting with you, even for a few moments at SXSW was truly enjoyable. I see a kindred spirit in you.

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