Little Man
Little Man

Under the puff balls on the marestail plant the little funny faced man growled and jeered and laughed at the world. He muttered a string of one liners to himself and jawed on an imaginary cigar for emphasis. He was feeling curmudgeonly, but he wouldn’t admit why, although you and I know… it was because of the lack of attention he received when the flowers and seed puff balls got much more than their fair share. He was just an inch or two away from the flowers gone to seed, and yet no one could spare him a glance.

That is, until now. “Hello, little funny faced man. I see you there looking all dour full of self pity. You know there is no need to brood and sulk. Don’t you see the beautiful sunset behind you? It was the sunset’s golden rays that pointed me in the right direction, just so I would find you.”

Not only was the little man sour looking, he was one of those silent types. I could tell he was in need of some company. After all, the flower puffs had each other for company, so I sat for a while and chatted him up. I told him how admired his curled tendrils and the clever way he’d formed them into a very striking look. I spoke of the importance in a plant of the stalk and the leaves, how they needed to be strong to support all the other parts of the plant, and how a flower could never go to seed if the leaves and stalk did not do their part.

After I had exhausted all stem and leaf related topics, I fell silent and he was quiet as well, but he seemed a tad more relaxed. So there I sat a moment more, in companionable silence. I listened to the breeze thinking that perhaps his thoughts would come my way. But no, no revelations, just us two being together. Me and a funny faced weed man and the beginning of a friendship.

I am a lucky gal!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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