Getting Perspective
Getting Perspective

The downy fuzzy haired weed shook her head vigorously. She wanted to restore balance and perspective to her world, and really take in all she was seeing. She stretched and leaned back, arching away and then curling towards the wondrous sight before her. “It’s as if I’ve just come out of a deep dark slumber, and all of a sudden, I can really see you, and you’ve been here all along in the sunlight!” she said, astonished.

There he stood, right before her, a strong, brown rough hewn figure, charming and intriguing and yet also so very familiar. She had to lean back again to get a better perspective, just to take him all in.

“It’s amazing,” she thought, “that he’d been there all along, right in my line of sight, but for some reason I’d overlooked him.” How could she have missed him? Perhaps she’d been wrapped up in her own thoughts, managing her own concerns and she’d left no room in her view for something new. She’d already decided what to include in her world, and she hadn’t figured on him. But there he stood, steady and unmoving, patiently standing by, offering himself for consideration.

“How is it, that I have never seen how much you compliment me, until just now?”, the weed wondered. “Perhaps I should thank the sun, whose light  shone brightly upon you. (Thank you….) How glad I am, now that I shall never be able to see the world without you in it.”

Humbled by this gift in front of her, the downy headed weed was grateful that her world had brightened up to bring the two of them together. She felt sorry that she’d overlooked him and wondered how that could have been, when he’d been there all along.  But now that her eyes had been opened and she could see more clearly, she vowed to be mindful of him and what he had to offer, his insights and his point of view. She would stay in the sunlight and try to look more closely at each moment.

Together, she vowed, their world would be richer and they would enjoy a new perspective.

Here’s to breaking down our boundaries, letting the sunlight in, and looking at our world differently!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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