The Unseen

It happened one fine Spring day when the sun shone clearly and the breeze tempered the day’s warmth with a cool reminder of Winter. It happened in fields and meadows, in backyards and parks all over the country. And no one noticed. No one stopped their picnic or stroll or bike ride. No one gasped in surprise or even looked twice with curiosity.

The landing went as planned. They came in broad daylight to take root and observe our habits and to insinuate themselves into our daily lives so that we took for granted they had always been there, a part of our normal life, and that they were peaceful.

They had come from a place where they were always under attack – up rooted, kicked at, squashed and shredded, with no pause on the behalf of the attacker that they might have some merit or even a rightful place in the world.  They were ready to fight if needed, so tired they were of always being nearly eradicated. They wanted peace, but could not yet tell if this new place would grant them that. Silently they continued to colonize with caution.

Their efforts sped up at night, when great clumps of their kind emerged from the chosen spots, and in the mornings, just sometimes, someone would notice a change in the land. They would see spots in their landscape, not enough to change the dominant color or the overall impression of what they perceived of as truth, but just enough to suggest that maybe a difference of opinion had somehow made its way to the playing field of convention. New thoughts? Different opinions? Change?

Out in the country where there were fewer people, the colonies had great success. They grew and spread and were peaceful  without disruption, and in the cities the newcomers struggled harder. But still every new one of their kind marked their progress.

And here, in my backyard, my trusty sentinel gazed the other way, sniffing the air for wild messages carried on the wind. Little did she know the wild had already arrived.

Welcome to our patch of green, mushroom!

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

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