Up Close & Personal
Up Close & Personal

Weeds have been on my mind lately. I’d been missing them because, for some time now, and for some reason they were not calling out to me. But today, and yesterday, last week, and one time last month, I heard a weed whisper. It might have been an echo, but I wanted to hear it again. So I sought it out.

I looked twice and then twice again for weeds, for my muse, for my favored underdogs and for the messages they send to me to become clear. Funny. The message is never clear, although that is what I always seek – a clear message. Instead, what I discover is a path that meanders and takes me along winding bends and trails of contemplation.

Weeds have meant something to me since I was a girl and I have long valued their place in this world, and their unyieldingly strong hold of every tiny piece of dirt they can grab. They are wild and unkempt, underfoot and under appreciated, but so very worthy of…


With your wide open eyes you can see the world and the day, you in your place and the moments that rush or crawl by. But it can be a blur that never really touches you. Hey, take a chance and rewind a bit, then pause. Now take a second look. Aren’t you grateful for your time here? For the thoughts that touch you and change you and motivate you? For the times that relax you? For the people you have in your life that are never ever perfect, but who are always “just right” and so needed and treasured because they know you?

I am grateful. Today my eyes were open, and I was glad to see.

May you also see clearly once, twice, and twice again. Peace.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be. Tell me what you see. Please come back again  for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

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4 Replies to “Time for a Second Look”

  1. yes and yes and yes………..a second look sometimes become a first look, because most of us look at weeds without seing them………happy to read again your beautiful weed seekings!!!

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