The marestail weed had seen many warm days this summer. And each day it continued to be grateful for living. It honored each day in the same way, with tradition. It stood tall with the dawn. It welcomed the first warm rays of the sun with outstretched leaves. By mid morning, feeling fortified and full of potential, it reached and stretched both leaves and blossoms to gather all the gifts the sun, air and insects could offer.

As the day wore on, time passed slowly but growth continued. There were moments when the marestail flopped a bit, exhausted from the effort of always putting her best foot, best leaf, best flower forward. But she kept strong and kept on growing.

When evening fell, a collective sigh went up from all in the field. The trees, the grasses, the cultivated plants and the weeds all felt the same release. The heat of the day was waning and with it the pressure. There was joy in the air, as each living being had come this far and done their best. Not all things had been perfectly executed, but there had always forward momentum and growth.

I am kin with a marestail and with all the living things that work hard to make their mark upon each day. It is not just survival. It is the pursuit of life and the spreading out – whether one spreads out roots or influence or kindness. It is the acceptance of the many gifts we are given, whether we recognize them or not.

The marestail bows its head in acceptance and gratitude. I witnessed that moment today and so I too, bow my head in recognition. The moment has been captured and will become a memory that I put in my pocket to carry forward with me each new day.

I will remember. I will welcome the goodness of each day, and if I am lucky, I will capture it.  Before I spread the goodness around, I will hold it gratefully in my heart for just  a moment.

Thank you weed for illuminating what the bright sunshine alone failed to make clear to me.

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