“Hey, let’s hang out, just us. Like we used to. Like in those old timey photos of black and grey and white with blurred edges. Like in my memory of us. Let’s go back in time and just be. You and me, all of us.” Doing nothing fancy, just tiny fellas poking around on some weed grass stems, being in the same place at the same time, happy to be near each other. Happy to be knowing each other.

I feel you near me, so much closer than time and space can permit. In the garden of life, in the universe of possibilities, we are connected so strong. Just hanging with you is very, very cool. And wherever you are, I’ll still feel you. I can always go see us in those old timey photos – the ones I see in my mind.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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