Another Chance
Golden Woman

The girl considered herself plain and shy. She was often overlooked when it came to social events but that was just fine by her because she preferred to spend her days outdoors: on the farm or in the woods, down by the creek or in the meadows, exploring the wild world. She felt happiest in the company of nature instead of other people her age. So she stayed away from the dances and the parties, and she didn’t miss the attention. Not one little bit.

She was happy most of the time, living self sufficiently and sticking close to nature. Her house was down a long dirt road, six miles away from anyone else, and she delighted in the noises of nature. The sounds of the city were jarring to her ear and she almost always got ill when she had to go to town. The longer she stayed away from people, the more prickly she became and the more unease she felt when someone else was around. But out in the open where she could be wild, she flourished. Her skin glowed from the constant sunshine and her body grew strong and hard. So in the country she stayed, on her own, free.

Only when the sun was going down did she long for someone to talk to, someone to share the beauty with, but she felt deep down that she’d never find anyone who felt at ease with the great outdoors as much as she did. So instead of looking outside herself, she focused within and grew strong in her friendship with herself and with nature. She was content.

Once in a while a traveler would pass through her lands and come upon her by chance. The strangers were always struck by how completely she belonged in her place, and how much she seemed at peace there. Although they didn’t understand her, they couldn’t forget her, so they began to talk. People steeped their stories of her with large doses of romanticism, and in this way she became known as the Golden Woman, a symbol of encouragement to the young girls who’d rather play in the woods than dance in the city.

Have you seen her in your travels? I have!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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