It was a nerve wracking moment for the baby filaree plant. She was a weed of short stature, measuring nigh on half an inch and the representative from the Pollen Assessor’s office had arrived already. The little filaree had no flowers yet, not even buds that had started, so how was she going to pass this initial test? She was almost positive that she would not measure up. This was quite scary.

The assessor looked her up and down, and with sideways glances. She presented her business card. “Ms. Honey B., Assessor”, she said with a buzz in her voice. “I realize I may have come a bit early, but I am here to do my assessment. It is quite easy, despite what you might have heard. Please, all you need do is stand still.”

The little filaree closed her eyes, and stood stock still. Deep down inside she knew that at a critical moment like this she was supposed to summon all the sweetness within her, push up fragrance towards her buds and plump up her leaves. She was concentrating really hard on all those things, envisioning herself blooming, but she had no idea if it was working or not.

All was quiet. Had the assessor left?

Just then a soft tickling touch caressed the tip of one of her stubby leaves. The little filaree perked up at the gentle touch and she opened her eyes to see the assessor using her foreleg to trace a pattern on her leaf. It felt wonderful, and tingly and positively positive! Ms. Honey B. nodded affirmatively and buzzed happily, “Thank you for your time, dear filaree, you have passed my inspection. I look forward to recommending that many of my cohort come visit you as soon as you are ready. And, based on my experience, it shan’t be very long now before you bud and then bloom. Until then, I say, beeee well!”

And off Ms. B. flew. The little filaree was so excited and relieved that it’d gone so well. She smiled deep inside and warmth spread through all the veins in her leaves. She could feel herself growing prettier already!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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2 Replies to “The Assessment”

    1. Thank you Jane. I agree! It’s not often we see one striking such a pose. I was definitely charmed.

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