One The Escape
Wild One

I parted the verdant growth in front of me and opened a door to another world. I found myself peering through the underbrush which was still drenched from the afternoon downpour, and immersed in the under world of green secrets and mysteries. The wet weeds were thick and lush, with the smell of moist earth and growth permeating the humid ecosystem of the green world. A second earlier I had caught a glimpse of a small flash of vibrant red moving through the leaves, but that was just for a second, a magical second, and I could not even be sure now that it had been real. So I found myself searching for a repeat view of that elusive sight.

I moved slowly and methodically through the weeds, soaking up every new view, focussing intently as if I were looking at newly turned pages in a brilliant picture book. I did not want to miss a single detail. Wetter and wetter I became, as the water dripped from the weeds down onto my clothing and upturned face. My hair glistened with diamond dots of water droplets. I must have made a silly picture to anyone passing by, for how often do they see a sane person lying in a field after the rains?

If I had seen the passersby, I would have shouted, “I am sane you see, I have simply chosen to be silly today!” But I did not see them, for I never turned away from my quest.

Over there – a flash of red!

I spied her at last! The ladybird paid me no mind, but it seemed she was aware of me as she granted me just a few seconds to delight in her presence. I enjoyed my stolen private moment and watched the red ladybird beetle as she made her escape. She moved quickly, winding around stems and under leaves and deep, deep into the deeper layers of the magic weed forest.

Would I see her again? I certainly hoped so, and that is why I would never stop looking. never stop. Always be looking. Always.

I shall always be looking for the elusive treasure.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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6 Replies to “Jungle Girl”

  1. Beautiful magic in a green world and yes we should never stop bettering ourselves
    or stop looking…there is so much to discover….our never ending story….

    1. Thank you Aina! I agree whole heartedly with you. Our journey is never open if we STAY open! Much love!

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