Caught In The Thorny Crowd

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The hot sun shone down on the siblings and they sweated as they became aware of their situation. Just now, all of a sudden, it seemed as though they were surrounded by thorny types that seemed to crowd closer to them with every breeze. They had argued earlier, but they put aside their silly disagreement when they realized they were both being threatened. It was normal for them to stick together even when they never wanted to speak to each other ever again. Luckily though the “never ever again” feeling rarely lasted more than a few hours.

This day had begun innocently enough. The two sisters had soaked up the sun and napped, perhaps for a bit too long, for now they were dizzy with danger and they struggled to make sense of it all. If danger strikes on a bright sunshiny day it is so unexpected that for a few moments you gasp with incredulity because the sunshine always makes you feel safe. Bad things don’t happen in broad daylight!

An ominous shadow passed overhead, importing doom. The two weed sisters shivered in the now chilly breeze and they hugged each other for comfort. As they did, the older one accidentally rubbed up against the thorns of the weeds in the crowd. Some of her well coiffed, fluffy hairdo became mussed and two tufts lazily floated up through the crowd to the blue sky above. “Oh no, we are lost!” the two dandelion sisters thought. “We shall be crushed and no one will find us! What fools we are to have fallen asleep in the sun!”

But to their surprise, the thistles who’d been crowding the dandelions, gazed up at the floating seeds borne on parachutes of dreams and the thistles laughed. They relaxed and waved at the floating hopeful wishes borne by the breeze that had softly turned warm again. The dandelion sisters anxiously shook their heads to clear their thoughts and more tufts loosened and floated up. The thistles cheered, and some even released some of their own tufts in kind! The dandelions realized their sun induced dreams had lulled them into a drama of their own making. Now all in the community of sunshine celebrated the afternoon and the dandelions were relieved. Their spirit soared as their seeds spread! Sometimes we can be so silly.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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2 Replies to “Caught In The Thorny Crowd”

  1. Hi. I can almost hear those tiny cheers. I like her ‘hairdoo’ being ‘mussed’. You should consider putting together a book of your photos and stories. Jane

  2. Hi Jane, I heard those tiny cheers as well! Amazing what an imagination can do. I am working/trying to get myself in the writing a book frame of mind. It is a big goal of mine, and this blog, these writing exercises was the first step. So I gotta move onto step two! Thank you for the encouragement!

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