This Must Be Someone's House!
This Must Be Someone’s House!

In the desert there was a small furry magical creature, who had not yet shed his disguise, so I cannot tell you exactly what he looks like, but for now I am calling him our furry weed wanderer. He had an adventure one day when he came upon this stand of scrub.

The group of misshapen scrub trunks and limbs spoke kindly to the furry one in twisted whispers.Their gnarled, splintered, dried and broken grains spoke of hard unforgiving days and frigid windswept nights. They spoke of strength and hard work and the pride that comes from enduring the hardships of life that others cannot. “We are not a place for the privileged,” the shelter said, “We are a place that is earned by hard work and hard living. We have watched you in the desert, little furry one, and we see how many hours you work, how hard your life is, and yet you do not complain. We see that you are brave and of good spirit. That is good.”

The little furry weed wanderer was pleased to hear such kindly words from a strong and impressive stand of scrub. And with great politeness, he remained silent so that they could continue their speech. “We wanted you to come here and so we laid out the magical key that will unlock our secrets. We see you have found it and now you can gain entry. You are welcome here.” The branches spread apart and revealed the entrance to a secret world of fancy and fairy tales. The little furry weed wanderer galumphed happily below ground to settle in for a treasured stay in the magical desert resort.

You and I, we have not yet gained entry to the magical space that opened up for the little furry weed wanderer, but if we try hard we can imagine the type of place it might be. A place that is homey and comfortable that has been crafted with great care. It is a place of shelter and love and goodness, with large helpings of humor and laughter.

One as lowly as a hobbit, elf or other magical creature, furry, small and shy, would feel right at home in such a place. Small magical creatures are most comfortable when overlooked by the Bigger Ones just as this grouping of desert scrub plants have joined forces to create an inconspicuous space for shelter.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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4 Replies to “A Small One Lives Here”

  1. This is lovely! It makes me think of the line in Bilbo’s Walking song – “The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began.” 🙂 It seems all the magical doors to wondrous worlds are hidden in the least likely of places.

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