Tumbleweed Seed
Tumbleweed Seed

The tumbleweed seed snared a spot on the photographer’s camera strap and went for a joy ride. The seed embraced the new mode of transportation. The ride was smooth and not topsy turvey, as the seed was used to, but instead it was a gliding, swinging way to travel, and clean, to boot! There were no dusty collisions with fences or boulders, no getting trapped in whirlwinds that threw dirt and debris high up into the air, until enough momentum could launch anew the tumbleweed, and let it continue along its journey.

The camera strap was slug over a shoulder, then dangled from a hand, then swung in midair, as the camera, suspended, snapped photos with decisive clicks.  The gentle rhythm of the photographer’s steps became like a mantra or a march that gave new meaning to the possibilities of travel for the tumbleweed seed. The solid sound of each click punctuated the tumbleweed seed’s travel stops and they highlighted each new vista selected by the photographer, as if for the seed’s pleasure.

But of course the tumbleweed seed was a stowaway upon the camera strap, and so time was precious. When the images had all been captured and the wind came up too strong to allow the weeds to stand still and pose, the photographer started to head back to her house. She gathered up her camera to secure it over her shoulder and a sharp point brushed against her arm. She looked down to spot the irritation and discovered the seed that had hitched a ride.

Even lovers of wild weeds know that they don’t belong on clothing or camera straps so this opportunistic hitchhiker would have to be brushed away. But first, a portrait was taken in appreciation of the adventurous spirit possessed by the weed seed that felt it could go anywhere!

Safe and happy travels wished to all! May your every trip be an adventure.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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2 Replies to “I Can Go Anywhere”

    1. Thank you Aina. I believe, with your spirit, you actually do get a ride or two like this weed seed. Long live the free spirited!

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