Three Souls
Three Souls

The three white glowing souls were gripped by an icy realization.Their time here was short, and there was danger all around. They’d popped up into this green land with the noblest of intentions, but in the dark hours, slimy predators had silently snuck in and nibbled away at one of them. And another was showing signs of decay from the harsh environment. The sharp green spears they had chosen for their hiding place were no longer providing any cover. Instead they seemed now more like antennae, transmitting signals to beckon visitors to their very hiding spot.

Perhaps their “time traveling, world domination, by fungi” plan was not as well thought out as they’d like to admit. Was it folly that they were here? Had the three souls been betrayed? Were they long for this world?

Dear, simple mushrooms. It is not so complicated as all that. Yes, your time here is short. And that is because in a day or so, the grass will be cut and along with it, you. The slimy predator who took advantage of you in the dark was a snail, obviously hungry for a few mouthfuls of your soft skin. You might thank your lucky stars that at least the snail did an artful job, and left you with a face.

The signs of decay are badges of living and learning. We cannot stay fresh as the morning dew, unblemished and untouched by the world if we desire to grow. And that desire is much more alluring than a smooth complexion. Dear three, the spot you chose to settle in is a good as any, it is just that time marches on. The grass that once sheltered you when you poked up out of the soil has also grown tall, but you grew taller and faster, so you alone have exposed yourselves, and there is no conspiracy.

This may be the end, but could it also be the beginning for the next crew of three?

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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