Going With The Flow - Group Shot
Going With The Flow – Group Shot

There once was a foxtail, with pink and lime green colored fibers that fanned out pleasantly. This foxtail felt everything strongly with an intensity that came from her self realization that she was an individual, so it seemed as if every happening came pointed directly at her. But she focused so entirely on herself and the examination of her feelings that she forgot she was part of a colony. She moored her boat on the shore of the isolated island of “Self” and lost sight of all those around her. She wondered, how could she rejoin the group? She felt there was a chasm between herself and the others, one deep and scary – all the more frightening because she alone could see it.

Then the rains came. The drops fell on all the foxtails in the field and did not target one over the other. Our self-aware foxtail felt happy. This was a monumental event and it was happening to all of them at once! She became joyful, but then felt a tug of misgiving which came from deep inside. Could she brave the gap and step over it to join the others?

She looked up at the sky and the rain fell and tickled her eyelashes, the fronds of the fan shaped fibers she was proud of. One raindrop fell square on her with a force that bent her sideways towards her neighbors, the other foxtails. The raindrop was large and heavy and the force of its fall from the sky continued its momentum, causing the raindrop to flow from our foxtail’s fans and bridge the gap between her and her neighbor. In this way the raindrop reunited the foxtail with her community and taught her a timely lesson.

Some days, to become our best, you need to lose yourself in the crowd. Let go of your comments, your opinions, be one with the others and enjoy being in this beautiful world. Be happy you have a place. You don’t need to impress upon others that you were there first or loudest, boldest or brightest. “Just be….with me”, said the weed.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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