What's Up, Neighbor?
What’s Up?

I took a walk today to clear my head of distractions. I wandered off the path to follow my whims and to investigate bright things that waved to me in the breeze. Sometime a bird called out and I felt drawn to seek and find the quick flitting musician. Soon the worries that swirled in my head were carried away by the breeze and it was then that I met my neighbor.

“Hi there!” the little camouflaged beetle seemed to say to me as I gazed into his beady brown eyes. They had a kind and wise look about them, full of understanding. “Not much”, I said.

Beetle did not look away, nor even twitch. His balance was so perfect that he remained as still as a statue on his perch atop the dried stem of the sahara mustard plant even when the summer morning breeze picked up and swayed the plant back and forth. It seemed he had all the time in the world. Nothing was around to worry him or hurry him. Not even me.

His calm demeanor imbued the field of weeds with sleepy contentment and a sense of belonging. He was content, and he definitely belonged – so much so that it seemed he had been designed to live on the exact weed he was now perched on. The beetle’s calm mood spread to me so that I was no longer seeking to avoid distractions. I was happy to be exactly where I was, right in my own field of weeds, in my field of dreams, in the center of nature.

I chose to be still then for a few moments and take it all in. I closed my eyes. I heard nature calling to me. I smelled the sweet golden and green fragrances of growth, and I heard a symphony of rustling, chirping, singing and chiming of the insects, lizards and birds all around me. The sun warmed my skin and the breeze caressed my hair. My heart was full. I opened my eyes to see my neighbor the beetle, still there on his weed, still happy to be near me.

What’s up today? A lot of good things, that’s what. Peace.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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