Embrace of the Thorns

For those who fight, work hard, strain, stretch and pull. For those who take the challenge into their own hands, this weed is for you!


There is nothing so strangely rewarding as the feeling of sore muscles and bruises after a hard day’s work, or after a fight. On those days, you just gotta sink into the pain and embrace it. Be proud that you had the strength to make your mark and meet your opponent. Hopefully you came out on top, but if not, I hope you fought with honor.

This weed, the remnants of Picris Echiodes, fought valiantly and colorfully all spring and summer, using its sharp thorns to protect its blossoms and seeds. And now, curled in rest, this weed is proud of how well it fought, and not too shy to show you how well armed a fierce weed can be. Even curled and dry, it looks to be holding onto life until Spring. Its thorns still prick, so give this weed its respect.

Please come back tomorrow for a new…

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