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There are within me yearnings to be more than what I am now. I want to tumble and I want to rock and roll. I want to fly across the fields and land in some new land yet to be explored. I want to become more than what I am. I want to be what I envision, and what I cannot even imagine.


Call Me Rosy Call Me Rosy

If you call my name, I shall be there. If you need me, I will rise. Call me Rosy today and I will bloom. I will find a way to be everything that is held in a sunset’s promise and more. I am a lowly russian thistle flower, just a green and pink tumbleweed, still tender as I grow. Low to the ground, I cast off the flecks of mud and dirt of my beginnings. I have not yet started to rock and roll.

There are within me yearnings to be more than what I am now. I am drawn to alter egos, characters, and dancers who bend the boundaries of their reach. I need to be called and then I will answer that call and push beyond my limits to grow beyond my means, beyond my comfort zone, outside of the plain of my experience. I want…

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