I Am Sunshine, and I Am Always Here!

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“I am here,” she whispered on the wind.

“I am here,” she sang on birds’ wings.

“I am here,” she beamed in the sunshiny warmth. “I am in your thoughts, in the sounds of your day; and of course I am in your heart. I will always be here.”

Dandelion dear, so daring and proud. Dandelion dear, so bright and cheerful. Dandelion dear, so determined to spread joy. I will look for you my dear, and I promise to open my heart to joy so I can hear your laughter and caring messages – even though I cannot see you.

When someone leaves us, we struggle to understand. How do we relate to our new world? A world that feels as if a huge hole is threatening to empty us out and leave us stranded on a dry beach, or desert floor. Bereft and abandoned. Dry. Weak. There are so many words of wisdom that remind us that loved ones do not really leave us, but instead they live on in all the ways they touched our lives, and influenced us. I wish those words could heal, but words alone cannot do the trick – for me at least.

And so I, weed lover and dreamer that I am…I look for signs. I look for a smile in a flower. I look for a friendly wave as a leaf dances on its stem in the wind, twirling and dipping with abandon. And because I look, I see. And because I see what I am seeking, it helps – just a little bit, just enough to start the beginnings of a smile and the return a small bit of warmth. We need time, and we need strength and openness to let the healing come, like Spring after a long Winter.

Our world lost a “ray-of-sunshine” sister some time ago, and I think of her often. She was like an ambassador of joie de vivre, one who could make you believe in the bright side of everything, and that everything was possible because she herself acted as though it were. She made you believe in yourself. Nothing stopped her. Not until she said that she’d had enough.

Isa, your family and friends will miss you, and this world is got a little darker with your passing. But here’s the wonder.  You are still with us. Our days may be gray for a bit, but then there will be moments when the clouds part and sunshine will pour down upon us all again, in many ways. This will happen. This has happened, and I thank you!

Our world is full of souls who have lost someone this week, or this year, or many years past. A loss from the depths of love knows no time limit. Death happens more than we’d like to think. Someone is always dying and somewhere in all corners of our world on every single day, there are families and friends that are mourning. But there will come a time when they will be able to stand stronger and be able to see more clearly than they did before, because one day they will be able to accept the gifts they were given by the person they love; the one who had to leave. These seekers will carry on. They will see the sun shine again in signs of life, love, hope and magic.

Always Shining
Always Shining

So when you see a sign, embrace it and hold it close to your heart. Warm it with your tears if you like, and let your thoughts and words fly on all the winds to reach your loved one. It may only take a moment before you are connected again. And if you don’t see a sign today, look for one again tomorrow. Keep looking.

It may be a dandelion that speaks to you and says,  “I will always be shining. I will always be smiling at you.”

I hope that soon you will be able to smile back. I wish for us all to have peace, and love and understanding.  Hugs.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be. Please come back again for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like. Even better, look down at the world that teems with life and meaning. It is right at your feet!

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