Foxtail with Fallen Logs

The foxy weed gal leaned out over the road trying to see what lay beyond the horizon. She wanted to see what lie ahead, she wanted to find out what was in store for her. She was waiting for something to happen.  She listened to the wind and the air around her, but the wind revealed nothing. She listened to the birds and the hum of insects for clues, but the secret remained hidden. Her future had not yet revealed itself. Would her future ever catch up to her or would she spend the rest of her youth waiting and searching? It was a hot and lonely road and no one was around. A sudden thought about hitch hiking popped into her head, maybe to make something happen – to force it.  But she daren’t, because hitch hiking was dangerous and forbidden. She felt silly for chiding herself and then thought, “Don’t you just dare do it?” She flung out her weed arm, thumb up, and felt a jolt of excitement that hit her in the roots. WOW!  Quickly she grabbed her arm back and looked around. “Whew!” No one saw her. No one was still around. Only lonely foxy weed gal. Waiting and wishing and wondering.

We wait. We imagine. We ready ourselves. We even make false starts. Often we don’t realize that the place we are at is the place of our present, it is where we are meant to be. Sometimes we forget that we are not alone, even if no one else is there with us. When we reach a stage, lots of people have pushed us, encouraged us or changed us so that we can get “there”, seemingly on our own. So this foxy weed gal was not alone, she was supported by family and generations and traditions and philosophies of thought. When she hitch hiked, her mother actually sensed it, as connected mothers do. And when the weed gal grabbed her arm back in because she dare not flirt with danger, her mother smiled. So no harm befell her. The foxy weed gal would meet her future when she was ready for it and when it was ready for her. In the meantime, all the thinking and wondering and wishing was getting her ready. Here’s to the day the waiting is over! Is it today? Or tomorrow?

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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