The Generation Connection

You did the groundwork for me. You drew the blueprint. You set the path. You spread the gravel and split the rails and laid down track. Because of you I have a starting point, an origin. A position from which to strain away from, rebel against, or come home to. And you did all this with faith and optimism and love for the futurers that you’d yet to meet. You worked hard for the idea of me.

To you I owe my traits, my characteristics, my tolerances, my stature and hair and eye color. We are joined. When I am very small, I cannot tell us apart. Yet as I grow, but am still young, I can no longer see any resemblance between you and I. We seem too different. I want us to be different because I want to be unique. As I grow and unfurl my leaves and claim my independence, the ties that bind us become tenuous. I stray far from home and explore the world on my terms. I meet. I mate. And I do not realize it, but I start to lay down the tracks for another generation of myself, my futurers.

This weed helps me see the undeniable connection between the generations – not just of weeds, of course, but of families. We owe so much to the ones who came before us. The ones who set down roots and braved new terrain to establish territories so that we today, could live and flourish from their progress.

My Great Aunt had gnarled hands when I first met her. She held my soft warm baby hands in her cool ones and I could not fathom the idea that her hands had once been just like mine. Now I see it. Thank you weeds, now I do.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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