Semaphore: The Start Of The Weekend!

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The Lake
The Lake

It was the beginning of a beautiful weekend and the most well prepared campers were starting to arrive hours ahead of the crowds expected at the lake. They had packed their cars full of gear and kids, and every time a car down opened, a sound bubble of giggling excitement was released to fly on gusts of wind across the shore and over the lake, spreading the cheer of relaxation for miles. The good vibes carried on sound waves from the unloading area, down to the small dock and off across the rippling water to the far side of the lake.

All week the weeds had calmly passed time during sleepy days of quiet punctuated by the sharp and lonely cries of hawks and other birds, flying high like moving dots in the sky. And the nights passed peacefully as well, with only the sounds of the wind in the reeds, crickets, and gently lapping water to accompany the rise and fall of the moon. But today, at the start of the weekend, the weeds and all life around the lake began to stir with excitement. The weeds passed the word from one weed enclave to the next, all around the lake, semaphoring the start of something new by using their branches and stems to signal without sound.

All lake inhabitants were looking forward to reveling in the energetic bursts of visitor noises, all the more enjoyable because they’d last only a few days before being replaced with peace and quiet. For the next few days there would be the joyful sounds of laughter and splashing and cooperation. To harmonize with the hawk cries there would be calls of mothers and fathers keeping up with and keeping an eye on, their children. There would be music and conversation and the sounds of sinking into reclining chairs in sunny spots with ice cold drinks. And in the night, there would be guitar playing and singing around crackling campfires to accompany the crickets.

Thank you weeds for sending me semaphore messages that promise weekend fun to come! And, dear weed readers, I hope your weekend is filled with laughter and beauty and many many giggles!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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