The Stand In
The Stand In

I was given a flower to hold, a precious delicate gift, too fragile to leave alone and too valuable to entrust to anyone else. I have no flowers of my own, so with the utmost of care and delight, I held this flower and wondered at her beauty, her fragility and her strength. I held her up high and my heart grew bigger with pride in her beauty and that I was entrusted with her care.

I am a lowly weed with no blossoms, only green spears that are simple and plain. But with my arms so spindly I was the perfect one to care for and enjoy this five petal charmer for a short while. A chilly spring breeze came up suddenly this morning and whisked her away from me. I watched her spin off and skip atop the weeds and wildflowers of my valley, and then up she soared towards the clouds until she was out of my sight. My time with her was finished, but I shall never forget her. My memories of my borrowed flower will continue to bloom.

I drooped with sadness that she was gone, and I wanted to sink into the ground. I did not know our visit would be so short. If I could have, I would have shed a tear. But after a while the day warmed and a sweet scent came wafting my way, causing me to look up.

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree

There was a tree nearby that was shedding flowers and passing them out to all those who needed or wanted one. The tree was filled up with blossoms and wanted to share. My spirits lifted when I saw the giving tree reaching out and benevolently spreading the beauty.

If we are lucky enough to hold something, hold it with delight and wonder at its special, precious place in the world. Then, if you’ve only been able to hold it for a moment you can find consolation in the knowledge that you held it with awareness and gratitude.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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