Focus on Work
Focus on Work

The two dark insects focused on their work and didn’t think about much else. They knew that they were not bees, nor hornets, and so did not have a top spot in the insect hierarchy of the meadow. There was nothing they could do about that, so even if a negative thought came into their heads, they were quick to flit it away. They would stick to their work and not bother about anything else. Today the blossoms were sweet around the edges, and their work was soft and simple.

These two stayed so busy that they got instant gratification and feedback from every flower they explored. The dawn turned into morning and soon, before they’d thought to wonder, afternoon had come. Still these two remained joyfully hard at work.

This is the kind of work insects can lose themselves in. The day can go on long, and these two will be engrossed in their task for hours – perhaps until sundown. It may seem to you and I a bit mindless, and given such a job we might get restless and bored. What we cannot see, is that it is not monotonous work, for there are plenty of differences between every flower, and the taste of the nectar and the air reflect it.

During the day, every once in a while, a bit of a thrill was thrown in for variety, for whenever the wind blew hard, the two insects were in sudden danger of being thrown off balance. But these little thrilling moments added to the delight of their task and were part of it, not a distraction from it. The hours passed easily, for insects are blessed with the inability to worry about time and wasting it.

What a silly notion it is that we could have the power to waste time! Isn’t every moment a part of the whole? Aren’t we on a journey with ups and downs, thrills and lulls? Don’t we need all the variances in order to be complete? I think these two, and their beautiful soft weed blossoms are lucky to be lost in purpose. I feel lucky to have witnessed their work, and to have gone on a little journey of my own, down my inspired imagination lane.

Thank you dear weeds, once again! Whatever “mundane” task is next on my list, I shall embrace the opportunity to engage fully in it. Dishes? Laundry? Bring it on! What’s up next is my next opportunity!

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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