Borrow From Me
Borrow From Me

Long ago one of my favorite tales was that of “The Borrowers” a family of tiny, tiny people who lived in my house, under the floorboards, in the crawl spaces and behind cabinets and in small hidden spaces. The Borrowers in my house were responsible for the spare coins that went missing, the bobby pins that could not be found, and the pencils and erasers that disappeared.

The weed I spied today is a borrower of a different sort. It grows out in the open and does not run away for fear of being seen. It does not move around quickly and has no use for personal items. But it is a borrower. What it does borrow is the life force and nutrients from those that came before it. It borrows these precious things to progress, to carry on and to build new layers onto a legacy that was established by previous seasons.

Like new generations that respect and carry on in their forefathers names, this baby telegraph weed draws from the prickled withered remnant of its relative who has lain down in acceptance of its new role, that of being the provider. The spent elder offers up his very essence to help the weed world keep on turning. If only we could see so easily the gifts that our elders are willing to pass on. If only we would deign to sprout up in their image and memory. If only we could learn while young that the beginnings can only come after the endings, and the endings give birth to beginnings.

If only. The way I see it, as long as there are seasons that renew, there is hope for new vision.

Have a blessed day, weed- lovers!

Please come back tomorrow for another “Weed Image of the Day’ and let me know which ones you like!

We are our weeds are so much more than what we firs appear to be.

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