The truths to our life here on this planet lie within us, and as diverse as we all are, these truths are as common to all as breath itself.


Witness Round the Bend

The little weed stood proud witness to the circuit travelers: the horses who clopped, the dogs who snuffled, the rabbits who furtively cased out their options before moving, and the humans who chatted their way along the path. Small enough to escape notice by most, the weed documented the goings on and added the information to her fuel to grow, GrOw, GROW big enough to join the parade. She wanted to go where “they” go. But this weed will have to stay put, for as the sun beats down hard on the path and the days get dryer, her growth internalizes and becomes less noticeable – but no less potent. If one is rooted to a small plot, how do we further our journey? How best do we grow? This weed is forced by nature to discover that the answer is in quiet moments spent reflecting on…

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