The truth of hope’s importance in order to make a new start struck me this morning, and I found this blog post from 2013, when things were greener in California. We’ve had a long lasting drought, but hope springs back every day, every season. We change and we adapt. And then we choose to grow.


New Leaf After The Cut New Leaf After The Cut

Not all is black and white with hard defined lines of contrast between the two. Sometimes it is hard to see whether the answer is yes or no. On certain days it is unclear whether to go up or down, left or right.

If you are lost in those days, remember they will pass. A new leaf will grow back after the cut, even if that cut is deep. Even after the blackest wintery night, color dependably arrives in the morning with the spring’s dawn. Take a deep breath and be patient, close your eyes if you must and listen to the sounds of life around you, for they will bring you hope.

Soon, deep within you, the stirrings of hope and renewal will build. These feelings will give you strength to grow a new leaf after the cut. Your new beginnings need your breath of life…

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