Quickly Grown

I am a fan of fertilizers, regular water, moist places and lawns. I fan out in adoration of these magic scenes overnight, and within a day I rise up, full of admiration. But perhaps I am a little over eager, for people hone in on my enthusiasm and pluck me up or kick me out of the ground in revulsion. But see, I have fans as well: little ants that traverse in and out of my complimenting folds. Forgive my speed, my misplaced fancy. You may think I do not belong in your yard, and hence the moniker “weed”, but I do.

Quick, now. I must grow quickly before I am discovered.

Please come back tomorrow for a new “Weed Image of the Day” and let me know which ones you like.

We and our weeds are so much more than what we first appear to be.

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